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Ensure you read the directory submission guidelines below before submitting your listing.

Forex Trading School Directory Listing Guidelines

To submit your school at the OpWell Forex directory, you MUST include all the details below in the description of your institution:

School Name

Enter the name of your school in the title box.

School Geographic Location

Where is the school located? You MUST mention the name of the town and country.

Additionally, you can add the building name, street number, and postal code to help your potential students locate the school using a map.

Kindly note that if you do not provide lessons in a physical classroom, your business does not qualify as a forex trading school. Therefore, you can add it as a website and not a school.

More details about that are explained below.

School Registration Status

Is the forex school registered? If registered, you can scan or take a clear picture of the documents and submit them.

This is not a requirement but it will help you gain trust from potential students.

School Size

What is the maximum number of learners your classroom can hold?

When is the intake?

when can students submit their applications?

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Forex Course Outline

Highlight your course content. Do not go into too much details.

Course Quality

We believe no school can offer the best training in all the forex trading topics. There must be a specific area where your institution or the forex trainer is known for.

It can be news trading/fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management, psychology, etc.

Overall Cost

What is the forex course fee in your school?

Is the amount a one-time payment or recurring?

Are there additional charges learners will be required to pay later?

Break the cost down to help potential students make informed decisions.

Resources and Support Systems

Does the school provide books, eBooks, and PDFs?

Are there computers installed in the classroom for students to use during lessons?

Do learners get a forex mentorship program after completing the course? If yes, is the mentorship program free or paid?

Does the school run a forex trading contest and reward the best performing beginner traders?

Submit a Forex Trading School/Academy

Forex Website Directory Listing Guidelines

Website Name

Fill the title box with the name of your website.

Include the name of the website owner in the first paragraph.

The Purpose of the website

Explain why the website was launched.

What problems does the content of the forex website solve?

Are their testimonials from or about real users?

Geographic Location and Target Audience

In which town and country is the website name registered?

What is your target audience? Is it local or international?

Does the Website have a Custom Domain?

A website with a custom domain name looks more appealing and trustworthy to visitors. Because we care so much about our readers, we only accept forex websites whose owners have invested in a domain name and web hosting

If the website does not have a custom domain, you can purchase one and a web hosting package at Truehost. We have been hosting with the company and love how helpful their customer agents are whenever we have a technical problem that requires the attention of a more experienced web technician.

Why Should People Choose your Website Over Your Competitors?

When submitting your website to the OpWell Forex directory, ensure you explain to your potential visitors the reasons why they should visit your website and forget about the rest.

Is the Website Content Accessible for Free?

Does the website have subscription plans? If so, kindly explain the payment packages in a structured manner.

Submit a Forex Trading Website

Forex Broker Directory Listing Guidelines

Submit a Forex Broker

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