Why FTMO Leaderboard is important

2 Major Reasons Why FTMO Leaderboard is Important in Forex Trading

FTMO Leaderboard is a scorecard displaying the names, equity, and profits of top prop traders. Quick question: What gives forex traders a reason to press on no matter the challenges they face on their trading journey? Motivation.

As new innovations are made in the forex trading industry, prop trading firms are rolling out beneficial products to help traders make maximum profit from the forex market. One of those amazing products is the FTMO Leaderboard, an innovation that has had a positive impact on forex trading.

In an exclusive research study by OpWell Forex, 70 percent of prop traders said the leaderboard on FTMO prop firm has had a major impact on their ability to manage risks and make more profit.

Advantages of FTMO Leaderboard

Here is an explanation on how the Leaderboard for top traders can improve your forex trading skills.

  1. Better Strategic Planning

FTMO Leaderboard helps traders visualize their trading performance against other traders (competitors). Upon seeing the results, traders are pushed by their inner self to make the best use of their forex trading strategies. That way, the trader’s results are improved significantly.

  1. Accurately reflect a trader’s achievement on a global scorecard
FTMO Leaderboard
A screen grab of traders’ performance on a Leaderboard. [Photo: Source/OpWell Forex]

FTMO Leaderboard displays trading results of most profitable traders to a global audience.

If you are an FTMO trader and your name appears on the leaderboard, the thought that you are listed on a global platform as one of the best profitable traders encourages you to be consistent with your trading results.


Trading with a forex prop firm is a great way to raise capital. However, you should be aware that your success relies so much on your risk management skills.


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