advantages of tradingview pro account for free

What Are the Advantages of Tradingview Pro Account?

This article explains the advantages of tradingview pro plan to help you make informed decisions. Tradingview Pro is an upgraded version of the free Tradingview account. The pro package offers improved and enhanced charting tools which are best suited for serious forex traders.

7 Main Advantages of Tradingview Pro Account

There are many benefits of using tradingview pro account compared to the free plan:

Ads Free Chart

Pop-up ads can be annoying and intrusive to a website or software user. All advertisements are disabled in tradingview pro account chart to allow users to enjoy a good user experience. That is a game changer.

When a forex trader opens a tradingview chart, their main objectives are to check where the market price is and try to figure out the direction the market price is likely to take in the future.

It would be great if you remembered that the process of analysing forex chart requires focus and concentration so a trader can think carefully.

Ads free chart on tradingview pro version enables forex traders to focus all their attention on the price data they are analysing.

Add Up To 5 Forex Indicators per Chart

Tradingview pro version users have the privilege of adding a maximum of 5 indicators to their charts. This is unlike the free account users who are allowed to add up to 3 indicators only.

Some experienced forex traders use complex trading strategies that depend on the use of many indicators. Therefore, they may find the tradingview pro account convenient for their trading systems.

Set Upto 20 Price Alerts

Forex traders using a tradingview pro account can add a maximum of 20 price alerts to a chart. This is very important because it helps traders avoid missing out on trade opportunities in different currency pairs.

Free tradingview account users cannot add more than 1 price alert to their charts. So, if you are going to close the forex chart after conducting analysis, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to the pro version of tradingview in order to receive push notifications every moment your trading strategy confirms a specified buy or sell price.

Use a Screener Which Has Auto Refresh Feature

Another benefit of using the tradingview pro plan is that you have the liberty of setting a refresh timer that suits your needs. For instance, if you want new data displayed on the screener most often, you can set the auto-refresh timer to discard the old data and fetch new ones every 5 seconds or 1 minute.

Get the Latest Forex Data Very Fast

Forex quotes are frequently updated on trading platforms such as tradingview. How fast a trader accesses new data in tradingview depends on which version of the software the trader is using.

For example, tradingview pro version users get new data in real-time while free tradingview users get new data once after some seconds.

Participate in Tradingview Social Community

One of the advantages of tradingview pro account that stands out is that the pro users have access to the platform’s large social community of forex traders and investors.

The trading community members are allowed to publish forex ideas and trading scripts. This is a very good opportunity for traders to learn new ideas and market their Forex services such as mentorship programs, trading signals, expert advisors, and trading indicators.

You Can Get Tradingview Pro Account for Free

There are a few forex brokers that have partnered with Tradingview to let forex traders access the trading platform’s pro features for free. This is a good deal for forex traders who love Trading view because access to the software’s premium services requires a subscription fee.

The price of a tradingview pro account is $14.95 per month or $155.40 per year.

Before signing up with a Forex broker that provides a free tradingview pro account, you must check and familiarize yourself with the conditions that you have to comply with to get the pro features for free. Always remember that the concerned forex broker MUST provide you with favourable rules or terms and conditions.

Free Tradingview Pro Account Offered by Blackbull Markets

Blackbull Markets is one of the few forex brokers that offer access to the tradingview pro plan for free. Delivery on its promise of enabling serious traders to access the pro features for free, Blackbull Markets expects its users to trade a minimum of 1 lot size per month to use trading view pro features.

That is a fair deal for a trader who opens trades frequently or a trader who uses a bigger lot size.

FAQs about Tradingview Pro Account

What Are the Advantages of Using Tradingview Pro Compared to Other Trading Platforms?

The main advantage that tradingview pro has over other trading platforms is that it provides traders with a collection of so many forex indicators that cannot be found on other platforms.

Additionally, trading view pro has the largest trading community where forex traders meet and learn from their fellows.

How Much Does Tradingview Pro Cost?

The exact price or cost of the trading view pro plan is $14.95 per month. However, traders who subscribe to the annual package enjoy a 16% discount on the yearly subscription fee. That means annual subscribers pay $155.40 per year only.

Can I Get Free Tradingview Pro Account without Paying Any Money?

Yes, you can get a tradingview pro account for free if you open a trading account with one of the forex brokers that have partnered with the trading platform.

Example of forex brokers that offer the pro version of tradingview account for free is Blackbull Markets and Pepperstone Markets.

Can I Use Trading View Pro on Multiple Devices, Such as a Desktop Computer and Mobile Phone?

No, you cannot log in to multiple devices when using the trading platform. Tradingview has a strict rule which states that one account cannot be logged in by 2 or more devices consecutively (at the same time).

That rule applies whether a trader has purchased the pro, pro+ (plus), or premium version.

Does Trading View Pro Offers Educational Resources and Support for New Traders?

The only educational resources tradingview pro offers are about how to use the platform’s tools, but not trading advice.

Also, unlike the free version of tradingview, the pro plan provides new traders with regular customer support. All questions sent to the customer support team are responded to during business hours.

Can I Connect Tradingview Pro to My Brokerage Account and Execute Trades Directly from the Platform?

Yes, you can connect your forex broker’s account to tradingview and trade directly from the platform.

However, your forex broker must be amongst the list of brokers supported by tradingview.

Is Tradingview Suitable for Both Beginner and Experienced Traders?

Yes, tradingview is recommended for both beginner and experienced traders. However, beginners should take time to learn how to use advanced tools on the platform.

What Is the Difference between Tradingview Pro and the Free Basic Version of Tradingview?

The difference is that the free tradingview account can be used for free without paying any money while the pro account comes with a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Additionally, free tradingview account has very limited compared to the pro version which allows traders to access and use more advanced trading tools.

Can I Backtest My Trading Strategies on Tradingview, and If So, How?

Yes, you can backtest trading strategies on tradingview. To achieve that, pick one pre-made strategies from the list of built in forex indicators in tradingview. Also, you can use one of the many community scripts available on tradingview platform.

Does Tradingview Offer Customer Support and If So, How Can I Reach Them If I Have Questions or Technical Issues?

Tradingview provides customer support to users who have upgraded their accounts only. That said, forget about getting help from the platform’s support team if you are using a free account. Here is a breakdown of how tradingview customer support works depending on which account a trader is using:

Basic Account = No Support
Pro Account = Regular Support
Pro+ Account = Priority Support
Premium Account = First Priority

Before you get started, ensure you are using an upgraded account then send your questions to customer support at any moment.

Users who have subscribed to the tradingview pro package gets feedback within business hours though it is not clear how long they have to wait to receive a response from the customer support team.

Pro+ account users receive feedback within 12 hours during working hours.

Finally, tradingview premium account users receive the fastest reply. All questions from users who have subscribed to premium version are answered first before attention is given to questions from pro and pro+ users.



We have covered the main advantages of tradingview pro account, why you need to start using the upgraded plan, and tips on how to get tradingview pro account for free.


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