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You can advertise with us to grow your business by showcasing your products and services to the right audience. OpWell Forex connects brands and individual businesses with targeted Kenyan and worldwide audiences through competitive advertising solutions. We offer two major advertising options; sponsored articles and banner ads.

2 Major Advertising Options at Opwell Forex

1. Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles are an effective way of getting your products and services before the targeted audience by providing detailed information that answers potential clients’ questions. We will label your article as either “Sponsored” or “PR Sample”.


If you pay OpWell Forex to publish and distribute an article that is not categorized as a press release or a newsworthy article, we will label it as “Sponsored”.

PR Sample

Any newsworthy promoted article that can be described as a press release falls under this category.

What You Get if You Purchase Sponsored Articles
  • An ad space to publish your article and keep it alive for the lifetime of
  • The article will stay on the homepage for at least 24 hours.
  • An opportunity to add more links and relevant information in the footer notes.
  • We will not display third-party adverts on your article’s body.

2. Banner Ads

Purchasing a banner ad is a great way to drive traffic to your business. Subscribe and cancel your subscription at any time. For example, if you want your ad to run for three months, select the monthly package and pay every month for three months.

Billboard – 970 x 250

Billboard is placed below the website header. It performs well because it has the highest viewability rate. This is due to its size and location.

Billboard banner ads 970 x 250

Medium Rectangle – 300 X 250 Banner Ad

Medium Rectangle - 300 X 250 Banner Ad

Medium Rectangle banner ads perform best when placed between paragraphs of article content and at the end of an article. According to, it has a viewability rate of 67.93% daily impressions on mobile, 45.85% on desktop, and 44.65% daily impressions on tablet.

Large Rectangle Banner Ad – 336 x 280

Large Rectangle has proven to provide the best results below the articles’ featured image and in the sidebar at Opwell Forex.

Large Rectangle Banner Ads 336 x 280

Half Page Banner Unit – 300 x 600

This ad unit has the highest click-through rate on mobile because it covers most of the mobile’s screen. It is placed on the website’s sidebar.

Half Page Banner ads 300 x 600

FAQs on How to Advertise With Us

What Is the Maximum Size of a Banner Ads File?

All files must not exceed 40kbs. This ensures the ads are light and will not load poorly on mobile, desktop, and tablets.

How Do You Get More Sales Through Advertising?

To get more leads, do not sell hard, as readers will not find your content engaging. Focus on answering the reader’s questions.

How Do You Advertise to Website Readers?

You can advertise to readers by purchasing banner ads and sponsored articles on publishers’ websites.

How Can I Advertise My Article for Free in Kenya?

If you want to advertise with us but do not have enough money to purchase ad space, you can submit your article as a guest post for free. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing one of our cheapest banner ads packages.

Where Is the Best Place to Advertise Online in Kenya?

You can advertise on websites that focus on your niche to ensure you reach a targeted audience. Alternatively, you can advertise on,, Google ads, Twitter and many other websites.

You can also advertise on our website. What sets us apart from other advertising channels, such as other blogs, is that we focus on providing value to our readers so they can engage with advertisers’ content and make purchase decisions.

How Do You Write an Advertisement Article on Opwell Forex?

You can write a promoted article by educating readers on why your product or service is better than your competitors. Please give them a reason to choose you over other brands.

If you do not know how to write a good sales copy that is not too ‘salesy’ and will ensure readers’ engagement, you can let us write for you at a fee.

How Do I Post an Ad?

Posting an ad on our website is very easy. Purchase your ad unit and follow the prompts you receive immediately after completing the purchase.

What Kind of Promoted Articles Can I Publish on OpWell Forex?

You can only promote articles focusing on the following categories: Forex Trading, Stock Trading, and Finance.

Our readers are here to consume content about the three mentioned categories. We would be very stupid to show them ads about other topics because they will not engage with the content.

That being said, we want our advertisers to provide value to their potential clients(our readers), so they can get value for the money they invest in advertising.

Investing in an advertisement is a good way to push your brand in front of the right audience. You can contact us in case you need to run an ad on our website.

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