Qualities of the best forex trading course for beginners

Top 5 Qualities of the Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners

The best forex trading course for beginners must be a mentorship program that is taught by a trader with a good track record. Are you a complete beginner in the forex market? Continue reading to find out which forex course is best for you.

What Makes a Forex Trading Course Great?

A strong and legitimate forex course should provide value for the fee you pay. Here is a comprehensive list of the qualities you should consider when selecting a forex trading mentorship program:

  1. The mentor must have a verifiable track record for previous trades.

The best trading course is taught by a trainer whose main intention is to inspire beginner traders to copy what they say.

When selecting the best forex mentorship program, ask the course provider for a complete trading journal so you can analyze his or her trading activities for at least the past three months.

The most popular forex journals that can help you determine whether an alleged trader is doing exactly what they are telling you are Mfxbook, MQL5 Signals, Fxblue, Duplitrader, etc.

The platforms sync a trader’s data automatically from MT4 or MT5, meaning there is no chance of an illegitimate forex teacher interfering with the information presented to you.

  1. Clear Course Structure

An effective forex mentoring program should have a guide that helps in providing direction for both students and a forex coach.

Arranging a course structure from the most basic topics to the most complex ones enables learners to gain a basic understanding of what forex trading is and whether it is the right skill to learn.

Therefore, a good trading course should start from student orientation or pre-mentorship assessment to more advanced topics like the forex chart patterns.

  1. Lifetime Support and Consultation

When newbies enroll in a forex trading course, they are looking forward to obtaining, developing, and growing their trading skills.

Before you sign up for a forex trading course, ask the mentor if they provide lifetime support to passionate and determined beginner traders to help them navigate any trading challenges.

  1. Assessment

A good forex trainer should include exams or assessments in the forex course structure to track the progress of learners. This is very important because it helps both you, the student, and the teacher to understand areas where you are not understanding well.

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  1. Additional Learning Tools and Resources

Find out if the trader who is about to start teaching you how to trade provides additional learning materials such as eBooks and YouTube videos.

Most professional forex mentors have written well-crafted eBooks about their personal experience with forex trading from the first day they learned about the investment opportunity.

The eBooks or videos about such topics can motivate you to focus, grow, and become a confident trader.

How Do I Find a Real Successful Forex Trading Mentor?

You can find a successful forex mentor by following these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Go to ” Forex Trading Schools Near Me” page

forex trading schools near me

Visit the forex trading school directory, tap on the Search box and type in your country, city, or town name.

Tap the blue “Search” button. Once a list of forex schools in your location is displayed, click one of them and move on to step 2.

Step 2: Read a Brief Description of the Forex Mentor

You will find details about the forex teacher and their academy. Read the information carefully to find out if he/she is the best choice for you.

Step 3: Contact the Forex Mentor

If you are convinced that the trainer whose details you have just read about is the right choice for you, scroll down to ” Contact Information” and communicate with the person.

You can send an email directly by simply submitting your message on the page. Additionally, you can contact the forex teacher directly via WhatsApp or social media pages listed under “Social Info”.

Simply tap on the WhatsApp number or social media platform’s icon to begin the conversation.

Faqs About Qualities of the Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners

Who is the Best Forex Mentor in 2023?

Wanjiru Gichangi the best forex trader and mentor in Kenya.jpg

There are a lot of good forex mentors out there but our favorite one is Wanjiru Gichangi, the owner and founder of Forex Exploits Academy.

We have listed several other tried and tested forex mentors in our forex school directory. You can contact them because any of them can help you understand how to trade better.

Who Can I Follow for Forex Mentoring?

who can I follow for forex mentoring

You can follow Wanjiru Gichangi. She is one of the best forex traders and mentors in Kenya.

Another reason why you should follow the Forex Exploits Academy founder is that she is always ready to schedule a one on one meetings with her students to help them navigate trading challenges.

Also, you can follow the OpWell Forex website and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep learning how to trade for free.


Hopefully, you have learned how to find the best forex trading course for beginners, how to avoid fake forex mentors, and how to find a great forex mentor.


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