Websites With the Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners

11 Websites With the Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners

Last updated on January 28th, 2023 at 01:18 pm

Most Kenyans want to know how to trade Forex, and this article provides a list of carefully selected websites you can use to learn Forex trading course for beginners. Learning how to trade the Forex market through any of these websites will help you in the following ways:

  • Acquire high-quality Forex trading training
  • Learn from recognized and respected Forex trainers
  • Boost your chances of becoming a successful Forex traders
  • Avoid scammers masquerading as genuine Forex mentors

When starting as beginners, most of us passed through “babypips,” the household name for people who learn forex trading in Kenya. Here at OpWell Forex, we took a Forex course for beginners from various websites to find out which one is best for the people of Kenya.

List of Websites With Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners

Here is a list of verified and recommended websites where you can learn how to trade Forex for free in Kenya:

  • Babypips School of Pipsology
  • OpWell Forex

FAQs on Websites With Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners

What Is the Best Forex Trading Program in Kenya for Beginners?

The best Forex course for beginners is the School of Pipsology by Babypips. The course is detailed and well-structured. Unfortunately, learners on the website do not have personal mentors they can consult.

Can I Learn Forex Myself?

Yes, you can learn how to trade Forex by yourself. But it would be best if you are disciplined to achieve success by the end of the training.

How Do I Start Trading Forex in Kenya?

You can start trading Forex by first learning how to trade,practicingon a demo account, and then depositing trading capital into a real Forex account.

Who Is the Best Forex Teacher on YouTube?

The best Kenyan Forex teacher on YouTube is Wanjiru Gichangi, the founder of Forex Exploits Academy. Other international trainers are VP from No Nonsense Forex and Rayner from Trading with Rayner.

How Can I Make Money in Forex Fast?

As a beginner, you cannot make money in Forex very fast. On the contrary, you can lose all your investment very fast.

Trading the Forex market requires patience. It will help if you spend time learning the Forex basics. After learning, you have to find a reliable trading strategy. Skipping any of these two essential steps will destroy your trading career.

Why Do Most Forex Traders Fail?

They fail because they do not have enough trading capital. Additionally, beginner traders fail because they rush to start trading with real money without developing a working strategy.

Can I Take Forex Trading Course Online?

Yes, you can take the course online. Many websites in Kenya teach how to trade. Some of the courses are free while others cost a lot of money.

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Where Can I Learn Forex Trading in Nairobi?

If you want a paid course where you attend a physical class, you can learn how to trade at the Nairobi School of Forex or Citel Institute of Business & Technology. But if you want a free online class where you learn at your own pace, you can take the Forex trading course for beginners atOpWell Forex.


When selecting the best Forex trading course for beginners, most Kenyans are torn between choosing a paid course or a free one. But do you think the cost matters? We believe the value a learner gets from a course is what matters. It does not matter whether the training is free or paid.

How did you learn to trade? Did you take an online course or attend a physical class? Was the training free or paid? Let’s have a conversation in the comment box.


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