Keisla Forex Academy: Best Trading School in Eldoret Kenya

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Keisla Forex Academy
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Keisla Forex Academy: Best Trading School in Eldoret Kenya

Kesla Forex Academy is one of the fastest-growing forex trading schools in Kenya. The academy was founded by Marvin Alumasa and Keisla Wambugu in 2021 to train and mentor beginner forex traders in Eldoret and other parts of Kenya.

The academy students and alumni have obtained the best knowledge in trading since the inception of the institution thanks to the unmatched technical trading skills of Mr. Marvin Alumasa.

Keisla Forex Academy Course Outline

Beginner Traders Course Topics

1. Introduction to Forex Trading
2. Forex Market Analysis
3. Forex Trading Psychology
4. Risk Management in Forex Trading

Advanced Traders Course Topics

1. Intermarket Analysis
2. Fundamental Analysis

  • Understand the effects of Central Bank Decisions
  • Interest Rates and Inflation
  • Purchasing Manager Index
  • Balance of Payment
  • Economic Growth Expectations
  • Employment Data

Mode of Study

Keisla Forex Academy provides their course through both online and offline training.

2 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Trade Forex at Keisla Forex School

1. Experienced Trainers

Mr. Marvin Alumasa, the main trainer at the forex school has many years of experience in trading. He started trading forex in 2018 and has since gained enough knowledge to coach newbies.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to connect with Alumni in person and online to learn from their experiences.

2. Lifetime Mentorship

Being taught the basics of trading alone is not enough. A beginner forex trader needs guidance to identify and correct mistakes in forex.

Fortunately, students at Keisla Forex Academy are entitled to a free lifetime mentorship program.

Why You Should Not Take Forex Trading Course at Keisla Forex Academy

  • Cost

Keisla School charges a $100 training fee. If you cannot afford the amount, you can opt for XM Trading Room where you can learn how to trade forex for free without paying any fee.

However, it will not be easy to master forex trading skills without the help of an experienced mentor.


Keisla Forex Trading Academy does not provide its training services to Eldoret residents only. Besides reaching a global audience through Zoom webinars, they occasionally organize cohorts in various towns within Kenya to popularize forex trading opportunities.

Are you planning to join the institution? Are you an alumnus and would like to share with forex newbies what you think about the institution? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section below.



Keisla Forex Academy: Best Trading School in Eldoret Kenya 1 review

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1 review
  • Bramuel Tande

    Best mentors in my forex journey.

    • Benedeta Muthoni

      Bramuel do they teach a good news trading strategy? I have tried learning how to trade NFP and FOMC news but I keep blowing my account.

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