FTMO Minimum Trading Days has been permanently Reduced from 10 to 4

FTMO Minimum Trading Days Reduced to 4: Get FTMO Account Faster

We have an exciting news to prop traders and aspiring traders like you! FTMO, the renowned prop trading firm, has made a significant change to its evaluation process, reducing the number of minimum trading days required for both the Challenge and Verification phases. In this article, we’ll explain the details of this game-changing update and explore how you can leverage it to achieve your trading goals faster than ever before. FTMO.com - For serious traders

Understanding the FTMO Evaluation Process

Before we dive into the recent change, let’s gain a comprehensive understanding of the FTMO evaluation process. The evaluation process consists of two crucial phases: the Challenge and the Verification. Previously, traders were required to trade a minimum of ten days in each phase. However, FTMO has revolutionized this process by reducing the minimum trading days to just four in both phases, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient path towards success.

Unlocking Faster FTMO Account Access

With the reduction in trading days, you might be wondering how this change can benefit you. Let’s explore the advantages of the shortened trading days in each phase of the evaluation process:

1. Time Saved in the Challenge Phase

In the Challenge phase, traders are given a specific profit target to achieve within a set number of trading days. With the previous requirement of ten trading days, participants had to navigate through a lengthier evaluation period. However, with the new four-day minimum, you can reach your profit target faster, thereby reducing the overall duration of the Challenge phase.

2. Time Saved in the Verification Phase

Once you successfully complete the Challenge phase, you enter the Verification phase. In this stage, you continue to trade with FTMO’s capital while aiming to maintain consistency and demonstrate your trading prowess. With the minimum trading days reduced to four, you can showcase your skills and meet the required criteria in a shorter span of time.

3. Total Time Saved and Advantages for Traders

By optimizing the evaluation process, FTMO enables traders to access an FTMO Account much faster than before. Previously, it would take a total of 20 days (10 days for the Challenge phase and 10 days for the Verification phase) to complete the evaluation process. However, with the new reduction, you can now achieve the same goal in just 8 days. This accelerated timeline opens doors to quicker account access and the potential for faster profitability.

Strategies to Make the Most of the Reduced Trading Days

To maximize your chances of success within the shortened evaluation period, it’s essential to employ effective strategies. Here are some key tips to consider:

1. Preparing for the FTMO Challenge

To tackle the Challenge phase successfully, it’s crucial to have a solid trading plan in place. Identify your preferred trading strategy, set clear goals, and devise a risk management framework. With a well-thought-out approach, you can navigate the market with confidence and increase your chances of meeting the profit target within the limited trading days.

FTMO.com - For serious traders

2. Approaching the Verification Phase

As you enter the Verification phase, fine-tune your trading strategies based on your experiences from the Challenge phase. Focus on maintaining consistency, managing risk effectively, and showcasing your ability to adapt to different market conditions. Demonstrating discipline and adherence to your trading plan will significantly enhance your chances of meeting the evaluation criteria within the reduced time frame.

3. Expert Tips to Optimize Results on FTMO Within the Shortened Timeframe

Seek insights from experienced traders and industry experts to gain a competitive edge. Learn from their strategies, risk management techniques, and market analysis approaches. Incorporate these valuable lessons into your trading routine to optimize your results within the shortened evaluation timeframe.

Trader’s Comments: FTMO Traders’ Thoughts on the Change

Since the implementation of the reduced minimum trading days on FTMO, numerous forex traders have embraced the opportunity and affirm that it would help them achieve remarkable success within the accelerated evaluation process. Let’s explore some of the comments on social media (FTMO Facebook page) about the changes made on FTMO minimum trading days:

With FTMO doing this, no other prop firm will come close. Lee Day

This is the best move since I joined. Tony MontanaGh

Now waiting for 8% Profit Target for phase 1. It will be legendary.

Cy Bombeo

There is no reason why this shouldn’t apply to existing accounts as well. Jeff Bouton

Wow, a true gamechanger for FTMO!

The Zombiecast


The recent reduction in minimum trading days by FTMO has revolutionized the evaluation process, offering traders an accelerated path to success. By shortening both the Challenge and Verification phases to just four trading days, FTMO enables traders to reach their profit targets faster, gain quicker access to an FTMO Account, and accelerate their trading careers.

To make the most of this opportunity, aspiring traders must prepare diligently, employ effective strategies, and showcase their skills within the reduced timeframe. By adopting a disciplined approach, leveraging industry insights, and learning from successful traders, you can position yourself for success in the challenging world of trading.

Embrace the new era of FTMO evaluation and embark on your journey towards accelerated success today! FTMO.com - For serious traders

FAQs About the Reduction of FTMO Minimum Trading Days to 4

How Does the Reduction in Trading Days Affect Evaluation Criteria?

The reduction in trading days does not impact the evaluation criteria itself. Traders are still required to meet the profit target and demonstrate consistency, discipline, and risk management skills. The change simply allows traders to showcase their abilities within a shorter timeframe.

Will the Quality of Evaluation Change with Fewer Trading Days?

The quality of evaluation remains paramount for FTMO. While the evaluation duration has been reduced, the thoroughness and accuracy of the assessment remain unchanged. FTMO continues to evaluate traders based on their performance, adherence to risk management, and ability to meet the required criteria.

What Happens if Traders Fail to Meet the Minimum Requirements?

If a trader fails to meet the minimum requirements within the reduced trading days, they will not progress to the next phase. However, traders are encouraged to learn from their experience, refine their strategies, and attempt the evaluation process again to achieve their goals.


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