FX Goat Forex Academy Fee Founders Reviews and Alternative

FX Goat Forex Academy Fee, Founders, Reviews and Alternative

FX Goat Forex Academy is a trading school for beginners and advanced traders who are looking to learn a new trading strategy. The forex school, located in Vanderbijlpark town in South Africa, was founded by twin brothers (Thapelo Mabitsela and
Emmanuel Mabitsela) in June 2019. Is the forex school a scam or legit? Read on…

FX Goat Forex Academy Courses

Syllabus for Beginner Traders

FX Goat Forex Academy founders claim that the course is free but upon visiting the sign up page on teachable, you will have to pay $10 “admin fee”. The course topics include:

– Introduction to forex trading
– How to open a demo account
– How to use MT4 trading platform
Technical Analysis
– Fundamental Analysis
– How to draw Support and Resistance lines correctly
– Forex trading strategies for beginners
– How to become a consistently profitable trader

Tutorial for Advanced Traders

FX Goat Complete Forex Trading Course

This fxgoat course is suitable for both beginner traders and advanced traders. The price of the course is $250.

Here is a list of the topics covered by the fxgoat teachable course:

– Introduction to forex trading for beginners
– How to master price action
– Market Structure
– Fundamental Analysis
– How to manage running trades
– How to design a good forex trading plan
– How to trade using fx goat 3.0 strategy
– Understanding forex trading sessions
– Expert Advisor (EA) trading strategy
– Psychology in forex trading

Mode of Study

Fxgoat course is delivered online through teachable learning platform and Google Meet.

Is Fx Goat Forex Academy Legit?

Based on a research done by OpWell Forex, we believe FX Goat Forex Academy mentors are real forex traders. However, there are a few secrets that Thapelo Mabitsela and Emmanuel Mabitsela are hiding from their followers. Read the negative and positive reviews below:

I like you guys and all… but this is misleading… That NAS buy was entered weeks back… around the 5th of Jan probably… therefore, you did not make 43k in 3 mins.

@Siyabongaandile on YouTube
FX Goat Forex Academy reviews on YouTube

Facts… I respect them but they shouldn’t start with this lies… he made 4k which is still dope… come on fx goat.

@Bensaothomas on YouTube

FX Goat the best forex mentor we love you all the way from Zambia.

@Sammelijah on Facebook
fx Goat forex Academy reviews

Please post more educating videos on YouTube so we can all learn. Some of us can’t afford your classes.

@Phiiwanyinkosimagwaza on Facebook
fx goat forex academy reviews and ratings

Crazy how slowly I keep catching your some trades/currency direction before you even post or send signals. And all I ever did was follow, watch, learn and practice your lessons on YouTube.

@itsjustjay on YouTube
fx goat forex Academy reviews on YouTube

We tried to reach out to the twin brothers to have a look at their trading track record but the efforts were futile. Additionally, we needed to get answers to the following complaints raised by FX Goat Forex Academy students:

– No lifetime mentorship program as promised.

Most alumni students complain that after enrolling for the course, they were left to watch the videos FX Goat Forex Academy uploaded on Teachable, and navigate trading challenges on their own.

– Very poor customer service.

– No refund

Once you pay for the course on teachable platform, you don’t have the privilege to get a refund in case the course does not meet your expectations.

Worse more, requesting for a refund will get you blocked from accessing FX Goat Academy Telegram group and other social media pages.

– No Course overview

The FX Goat Academy courses do not have an overview to allow potential students determine whether the course is suitable for them.

What is the Recommended Fx Goat Forex Academy Alternative and Competitor

You can sign up for XM Global Trading Room. They have live forex classes that run from Monday to Friday every week. The lessons are free to access and the mentors answers every questions asked by learners.


The founders of FX Goat Forex Academy announced plans to open additional offices in Durban, Capetown, and Limpopo. However, we don’t understand why they (Thapelo Mabitsela and
Emmanuel Mabitsela) do not allow their students to attend physical classrooms.


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