How Dj Coach rose from from poverty to riches

How DJ Coach Became a Millionaire: From Poverty to Riches

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How DJ Coach Became a Millionaire: From Poverty to Riches | OpWell Forex

DJ Coach Tsekeleke is one of the most successful forex traders in South Africa. But how did the famous one minute strategy trader move from poverty to riches?

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Address: Motodi Street, Burgersfort town, Limpopo province, South Africa

Gender: Male

Job Title: Forex Trader, DJ, Musician, Owner of Forex Broker Killer

DJ Coach Tsekeleke, popularly known as forex broker killer or FBK, is a very successful forex trader in South Africa. The famous one minute strategy trader has risen from poverty to wealth over the past few years. Read on to find out how the then-poor boy became a millionaire when most traders in the country cannot make profits consistently in the forex markets.

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The Rags to Riches Story of Dj Coach That Will Blow Your Mind

Dj Coach sitted next to the house where he was born 1
Dj Coach is seated next to the house where he was born. [Photo: Source/DJ Coach Tsekeleke/Facebook]

DJ Coach Tsekeleke, who has also earned himself the name DJ Ewallet (because he gives money to his social media followers) was born in a small village in South Africa known as Motodi, near Burgersfort town in Limpopo province. He was raised by his mother in a shack where he spent his early days in abject poverty. They could not afford basic human needs such as food due to their sorry condition.

Dj Coach and his mother 1
Dj Coach and his mother posing for a photo. [Photo: Source/DJ Coach Tsekeleke/Facebook]

Tsekeleke’s mother named him Kgopotso Mmutlane when he was a little boy. Yes, that is the FBK founder’s real name. Being that he is a Dj besides being a forex trader, he adopted the name Coach as his stage name.

At one point, the forex broker killer tickled his social media followers when he narrated how he received a slap from his mother when he told her that he no longer wanted to go to school.

Back in 2016 I once told my mom I don’t wanna go to school anymore & she slapped me 6 times, then I told myself one day I’m gonna buy this woman an Audi A6 just to thank her for slapping me.

DJ Coach Tsekeleke
Dj Coach preparing meal in his single room house 1
Dj Coach preparing a meal in his single-room house before he became a popular forex trader. [Photo: Source/DJ Coach Tsekeleke/Facebook]

Before he became one of the most successful forex traders in South Africa, Dj Ewallet worked as a local Dj to make ends meet. He did not know anything about forex trading until his friend, Merika Mphogo introduced him to the challenging but promising business.

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How Does DJ Coach Make Money and What Is the Source of His Wealth

Dj Coach in his forex trading office
Dj Coach in his home office. [Photo: Source/DJ Coach Tsekeleke/Facebook]

Forex broker killer, as his name suggests, makes money by “sending forex brokers to ICU”. He has on several occasions claimed to be “killing” forex brokers. He developed an aggressive way of trading forex where he can make hundreds of thousand Rands in a single trade. From his own confessions, the one minute strategy he uses has proven to provide consistent results ever since he became a forex trader. But that did not happen overnight!

Many traders have tried to use Dj Coach tsekeleke’s one minute strategy but they do not find consistent results. Why? It is because what works for one trader is likely not to work for another trader. That is true due to discrepancies among traders’ personalities. I hope you remember that for one to be successful in forex, they have to find a trading strategy that aligns with their personality.

Is Forex Trading the Only Source of Dj Coach’s Wealth?

No, by monitoring his social media lifestyle, we can say forex trading is the main source of Forex Broker Killer’s income but he has learned how to build wealth through other sources such as YouTube, Djaying, Car hire services, and singing.

That is not all. Dj Coach is also one of the biggest shareholders at FBK Markets, one of the popular forex brokers in South Africa.

Bottom line: the young South African millionaire is an entrepreneur who runs a chain of businesses. He does not solely depend on a single source of income.

Dj Coach’s House and Cars That Has Won the Hearts of Social Media Users

Dj Coach
Dj Coach posing for a photo in front of his home. [Photo: Source/DJ Coach Tsekeleke/Facebook]
social media users coveting Dj Coachs house

How much is Dj Coach’s house worth? Well, the house is worth over 7.5 million Rands. That is according to one of his tweets.

The South African successful forex trader’s proudest boast is his collection of expensive cars of different models including Mercedes Benz and Audi. Even though he was not raised in a rich family, he has managed to beat the odds and live an exemplary life that not only youths in South Africa yearn for, but also the old people.

dj coach lovers

What Is DJ Coach Tsekeleke’s Net Worth?

Dj Coach’s net worth is controversial because he has not come out clear to declare his total assets. But judging by the state-of-the-art house he purchased and the many flashy and expensive cars he drives, we can conclude that the young South African millionaire is loaded.

Many South Africans do not believe in rags to riches stories of entrepreneurs because the stories sound like fairy tales. To be specific, people who have little to no knowledge of forex trading and those who have been scammed by fake forex mentors say forex trading is a scam.

Dj Coach has dealt with a lot of challenges in life. Besides growing up in hardship, he has been “fighting” a number of people on social media who calls him a con artiste.

Even though many South Africans on social media envies his house, cars and other treasures he posses, a few do not buy into the “lies he is trying to sell”.

At one point, one social media user commented that “These cars belong to his friends who are visiting him how can you be fooled easily?”

Dj Coach critics on social media
Dj Coach critics on social media 1

It is not clear whether Dj Coach’s critics are haters or whistleblowers because in as much as there are a few people who don’t believe in his “millionaire stories”, a lot of people have come out to defend his name claiming that he helped them to master the much coveted one minute trading strategy skills.

What Factors Contribute Most to Poverty Among Forex Traders?

There are three main factors that contribute to poverty among new forex traders:

1. Laziness

Most beginner forex traders have a mentality that trading the forex market is easy and they can become rich like other successful traders as soon as they start trading on a real account. That is why many of the newbies would rather use strategies that have been proven to work than develop their own strategies from scratch.

Some of the most popular trading strategies forex newbies search for are Dj Coach tsekeleke’s one minute strategy, Steve Mauro’s Beat The Market Makers Strategy, and the Inner Cycle Trader (ICT) strategy, among others.

2. Over ambitiousness

Becoming a successful forex trader requires one to set reasonable profit targets in their trades. That is what successful traders do. Anyone who expects to achieve more than a reasonable return on investment often ends up blowing their accounts and quitting the forex market.

That said, over ambitiousness has played a big role in ensuring that a big percentage of new forex traders quit the markets as soon as they start trading on a live account.

3. Lack of Enough Trading Capital

Most new traders make capitalization mistake. The fact that a forex broker may allow their clients to deposit a minimum capital of $5 does not mean that is the recommended amount to start trading with.

If you read the stories of successful people who came from nothing by trading the forex market, you will realize that they stopped blowing their accounts as soon as they started trading with reasonable capital.

In Conclusion

DJ Coach Tsekeleke did not build generational wealth through forex trading overnight. But he has been trading forex since the year 2016 when he was introduced to the market by his friend, Merika Mphogo.

He began his journey of being among the list of successful forex traders in South Africa by researching more information about forex trading.

Do you believe it is possible to build generational wealth and kick out poverty through forex trading? Who is the most successful forex trader you know about? We would like to hear your thoughts and questions in the comment box below.


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