How to Get Forex Trading EBooks for Free

How to Get Forex Trading EBooks for Free

Last updated on January 28th, 2023 at 01:23 pm

Most traders want to get Forex trading eBooks for free, but they do not know where to find them. The good news is that we have a collection of Forex eBooks that you can download for free to improve your trading knowledge.

Get Forex Trading Ebooks for Free in 4 Steps

OpWell Forex Forex trading eBooks collection

Do you like reading eBooks and PDFs? As a Forex trader, you must read widely to sharpen your trading skills. Follow these four simple steps to get our carefully selected eBooks for free:

Estimated Time 2 minutes

Step 1: Subscribe to Receive Our Push Notification

To get Forex Trading EBooks for Free OpWell Forex push notification

We send a push notification subscription button to everyone not subscribed. When you visit our website, you receive a popup asking you to subscribe to our latest posts. Click YES and follow the instructions in step 2 below.

Step 2: Wait for a Link

get Forex Trading EBooks for Free at OpWell Forex, subscribe push notification

Once you subscribe, we will send you a thank you message on your mobile device or PC. Tap anywhere on the message to go to a page where you can send us your eBook download request.

Step 3: Send a Request

Send OpWell Forex a request to get Forex Trading EBooks for Free

Enter your full name, email address, and the file request message, then clickSend Message. We will immediately send you an email confirming that your request has been received successfully.

Wait for the download link.

Hint:If there is a trading eBook you have been looking for and would like us to send you the specific file, be detailed in the Message box. Otherwise, we will send you all the Forex eBooks in our library.

Step 4: Download the EBooks

Forex eBook download link

Follow the link that we will email you to download the eBooks.

How to Enable Web Push Notifications

If you did not get the message on your device within one minute, your browser is configured to block push notification messages. Follow these instructions to safelist

Enable Browser Push Notification Messages on Android

Settings App menu on Android device1
  1. Open your device’s Settings App
  2. On the App, click to open Apps & notifications
Apps notifications menu on Android device

3. Click SEE All APPS

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App info on Android device1

4. Choose Chrome
5. Open the Notifications settings page

All chrome notifications settings on Android device1

6. Toggle the grey button on the right side to allow Chrome’s notifications to appear on your device.

All sites notifications settings on Android device1

7. Turn on All Sites notifications

opwellforex website notifications settings on Android device1

8. Scroll down and turn on notifications for

That’s it! You have successfully allowed to send push notification messages to your Android device.

Enable Browser Push Notification Messages on a PC

tap on the three dots button in chrome
  1. This instruction is for people using a laptop or desktop. On your Chrome browser, tap on thethree dotsbutton in the top right corner.
Click settings in Chrome

2. Click Settings in the drop-down.

Open Privacy and Security in Chrome

3. Open Privacy and Security

Go to site settings in Chrome

4. Scroll down then go to Site Settings

open notifications in chrome

5. Click to open notifications

Check Sites can ask to send notifications box in chrome

6. Under the Default behaviour tab, Check the “Sites can ask to send notifications” box.

Customised behaviours settings in chrome

7. Scroll down to the Customised behaviors tab and click on the link.

website notifications settings on chrome

8. Scroll down and locate notifications. On the right side, toggle the drop-down and set it to allow.

Congratulations. Your device is now able to receive messages from the OpWell Forex website.

FAQs on How to Get Forex Trading EBooks for Free

Where Can I Get Forex Trading Ebooks?

You can get Forex Trading Ebooks at OpWell Forex. Visit the website to learn more about how to receive Forex eBooks and PDFs for free.

Can I Get Forex Trading Books for Beginners at Opwell Forex?

Yes, you can download eBooks and PDFs for beginners at OpWell Forex.

Which Advanced Forex Trading Books Should I Read?

Some of the best ebooks advanced Forex traders should read include Advanced Financial Risk Management, Attacking Currency Trends, Long-Term Secrets To Short-Term Trading, Fooled by Randomness, Naked Trade, Unknown Market Wizards, Smart Thinking Skills, and The Intelligent Investor, among others.

Which Other Website Provide Free Forex Trade EBook Download?

There are other websites where you can get trading ebooks apart from OpWell Forex. Such websites include and, among others.


Have you been given forex trading ebooks for free before? How is the content of the book in terms of quality? We would like to hear from you in the comment section.


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