7 ways to market your forex trading course for beginners

7 Effective Ways to Promote Your Forex Trading Course for Beginners

The demand for forex trading course for beginners is rising steadily thanks to the increasing number of traders globally. According to the brokernotes.co, there are over 9.3 million forex traders worldwide and the number is expected to rise steadily every year.

As a result of that, more forex mentors are emerging to take advantage of the growing demand for forex knowledge. But still, the number of mentors is very few compared to the number of newbies interested in learning how to trade.

Did you know that most successful forex traders are not willing to train new beginner traders because they like to live a private life? Successful traders make enough money to settle their bills so they do not need to train new traders to earn extra income through mentorship fees.

Because the number of legit mentors is fewer than the rising number of newbie traders, there is a huge opportunity for every successful trader to attract serious students and grow their income by charging a forex mentorship fee.

Since you are reading this article, I believe you are a forex mentor who wants to get new beginner learners to increase the number of students in your forex academy.

Before we proceed, it would be great if I remind you about some of the most common questions asked by forex mentors like you.

“What can I do to get new students to sign up for my forex trading for beginners course?”

” How to attract people for forex course”

” How to attract new forex students”

” How to grow my forex academy”

” How to grow my mentorship program”

” How to promote my trading classes”

” How to find forex students”

If you are looking for an answer to the above questions just like other mentors, you are lucky to find this page because the article is going to help you master and understand how to get more potential beginner forex traders by advertising your trading academy to the right audience.

This article covers the following ideas:

1. Promote your trading school by word of mouth
2. Create a forex trading blog
3. Add your school to local forex directories
4. Promote the academy in online forex communities
5. Introduce a “refer a friend” program to your existing students.
6. Attend local forex trading events
7. Run paid advertisement

7 Easy Steps to Follow to Grow Your Forex Trading Course for Beginners

One does not need to have a degree in marketing to promote a trading school effectively. Let us now break down the steps to help you begin attracting forex students as soon as possible.

1. Promote your academy via word of mouth

    Make flyers and branded items like T-shirts, caps, bags, hoodies, etc, and distribute them to people in your local area.

    When interacting with the people, tell them about the opportunities in forex trading and how you can help them become successful traders. Do not fail to explain how they will benefit by joining your forex school.

    Talk about your forex trading skills and knowledge, your teaching and mentorship experience, how to sign up for forex lessons, and class timings.

    2. Create a forex trading blog.

    Create a forex trading blog just like OpWell Forex or a better one and tell online users about yourself and why you qualify to become a forex mentor.

    Embed reviews and feedback widgets on the website to display how your former students think about your forex mentorship program.

    If you decide to create your forex website, you can either create one by yourself or pay a web designer to design one for you.

    (a). Create a blog from scratch by yourself:

    Suppose you choose to create the website yourself, you will need to pay for a web hosting service and a custom domain name from a reliable web hosting company like Truehost.

    It would be worth noting that it is cheaper to create a website by yourself but if you are not tech-savvy, you will find it hard to troubleshoot website errors.

    Additionally, the idea of creating the website by yourself is not right for you if you are a busy person. The web development process requires keenness, thus it is time-consuming.

    (b). Pay a web designer to create a blog for you:

    If you don’t have skills in web design and development and you want to save time by getting your website available online as soon as possible, you can talk to our web technicians.

    The advantage of working with our team of web developers is that you will not only have an operational website as soon as possible, but you will also have a website that has been optimized for search engines.  Meaning that you will see your articles indexed on search engines as soon as you publish them.

    Get your forex trading course for beginners on search engines
    A screenshot showing a trading article indexed on Google Search. [Photo: Source/OpWell Forex]

    3. Add the details of your forex trading course for beginners to forex directories.

    Listing your trading school in a niche local directory can help you reach and connect with more clients who are interested in your mentorship program.

    4. Promote your academy in forex trading communities and forums.

    Beginner forex traders (newbies) are using social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Quora, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc to find a legitimate forex mentor who will not con them their hard-earned money.

    As a trainer in the financial market, you need to search and find forex trading communities within social media platforms and post helpful content that can help solve traders’ problems. As a result, people who don’t have enough knowledge on how to trade the forex market will follow you to learn new trading ideas.

    They are likely to send you private messages, some asking you to train them from scratch while others seeking advice on how to solve specific problems concerning the forex market.

    Let most of your social media friends/followers be traders or people who are interested in trading. If you publish a post on your profile, it will receive more engagement thereby increasing the number of people who will get to know about you and your forex mentorship program.

    5. Introduce a “refer a friend” program to your existing students.

    Introducing a referral program in your forex trading school can help your academy get serious clients if your current students share the mentorship program details with the people they know.

    In exchange, you can pay those participating in the referral program by rewarding them with a 50% discount on forex training and mentorship fee. Optionally, you can transfer trading capital as a gift card to their forex accounts.

    6. Attend local financial investment events.

    Attending forex trading community events in your local area is very important because it allows you to meet and socialize with like-minded people.

    When interacting with traders, you can showcase your achievements to inspire them.

    The event attendees who are impressed with your work are likely to support you by referring beginner forex traders who have an active interest in the success of their financial investment journey.

    Forex brokers, investment firms, and forex schools are occasionally holding events in your region to inspire people, boost their morale, and get them excited about the future of forex trading.

    So why not step outside your comfort zone and start networking face-to-face through local forex trading events?

    7. Run paid advertisements.

    You can run paid ads on forex blogs, Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc to boost the visibility of your forex trading course for beginners.

    The main advantage of marketing a forex school through paid ads is that it allows you to set a defined audience when setting up your ad campaign. Therefore, you get more qualified forex students.


    You can try the above 7 steps to market your forex trading course for beginners.

    Just a reminder, when you join a forex community or event, do not start by selling your forex course. Instead, provide content that gives value to your audience.

    Suppose you can solve beginner traders’ problems without letting them know that you want to enroll them in your forex academy, they will gain trust in you and eventually plead with you to spare time and mentor them so they can become skillful and knowledgeable traders like you.


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