Best XM Global Cashback Rebates by OpWell Forex

Best XM Global Cashback Rebates: Earn Up to $21.25 per Lot

All traders are eligible for XM Global Cashback Rebates. You can apply via OpWell Forex by logging into your live XM account or by opening a new live account. Once your account is linked to our partner program, you will receive an email notification with more details about how the program works.

What Is XM Global Cashback Rebates Program?

XM Cashback Rebates is a program designed by XM Group in partnership with OpWell Forex to increase traders’ forex trading profits.

We will pay you up to $21.25 per lot on top of the profits you make when you place trades on your Forex trading account.

How to Sign Up for XM Cashback Rebates Program in Simple Steps

Signing up for XM Rebates Program through OpWell Forex ensures your XM trading account is eligible to earn up to $21.25 per lot of cashback rebates whenever you trade any currency pair, Cryptocurrency, or other CFDs.

Normally, traders who open trading accounts directly with XM Global or any other forex brokers do not qualify to receive cashback rebates.

Instructions for Traders Who Do Not Have an Existing Live Account With XM Global

Click this link to open a new XM account.

Upload verification documents to validate your new trading account.

A Guide for Traders Who Already Have a Live Trading Account With XM Global

If you have an existing account with XM Global, all you have to do is log in to the XM dashboard through our partner link and open a new live account.

Note that only accounts you open through OpWell Forex qualify to receive cashback rebates.

Clarification on How XM Global Cashback Rebates Works

Kindly note that brokerage fees such as spread will NEVER increase as a result of linking your account to our partner program. Instead, you get to enjoy a reduced trading cost because we return part of the trading fees charged on your trades.

  1. A forex trader opens a trading account with the XM Group through OpWell Forex’s partner link.
  2. The forex broker earns forex brokerage fees from every trade the trader opens.
  3. XM shares with us part of the trading fee they earn.
  4. We pay the trader more than 50% of the rebates XM pays us.

Cashback Rebates Rates Provided by OpWell Forex in Partnership with XM Global

Traders who open an XM real account using our IB partner link get to enjoy increased forex trading profits than those who open an account directly with the Broker.

Account TypeForex GroupTrading InstrumentWhat You Earn
Standard Account


Shares Account
Forex Group 1AUDUSD$5.04 per lot
EURUSD$5.04 per lot
USDCAD$5.04 per lot
USDJPY$5.04 per lot
Forex Group 2AUDCAD$5.00 per lot
AUDCHF$5.00 per lot
AUDJPY$5.00 per lot
AUDNZD$5.00 per lot
CADCHF$5.00 per lot
CADJPY$5.00 per lot
EURCHF$5.00 per lot
EURDKK$5.00 per lot
EURGBP$5.00 per lot
EURHKD$5.00 per lot
EURJPY$5.00 per lot
GBPUSD$5.00 per lot
XAUUSD/GOLD$6.50 per lot
NZDCAD$5.00 per lot
NZDUSD$5.00 per lot
USDCHF$5.00 per lot
USDHKD$5.00 per lot
XAUEUR$5.00 per lot
Forex Group 3GBPAUD$6.00 per lot
EURNZD$6.00 per lot
GBPCAD$6.00 per lot
GBPCHF$6.00 per lot
NZDJPY$6.00 per lot
USDCNH$6.00 per lot
USDDKK$6.00 per lot
USDTRK$6.00 per lot
Forex Group 4NZDCHF$7.50 per lot
USDMXN$7.50 per lot
USDSEK$7.50 per lot
Forex Group 5EURHUF$10.00 per lot
EURNOK$10.00 per lot
EURPLN$10.00 per lot
EURSEK$10.00 per lot
EURSGD$10.00 per lot
EURTRY$10.00 per lot
EURZAR$10.00 per lot
GBPDKK$10.00 per lot
GBPNOK$10.00 per lot
GBPNZD$10.00 per lot
GBPSEK$10.00 per lot
GBPSGD$10.00 per lot
XAGUSD/Silver$10.00 per lot
USDHUF$10.00 per lot
USDNOK$10.00 per lot
USDPLN$10.00 per lot
USDSGD$10.00 per lot
USDZAR$10.00 per lot
Forex Group 6CHFSGD$21.25 per lot
SGDJPY$21.25 per lot
Ultra Low


Ultra Low 1EURUSD$1.00 per lot
GBPUSD$1.00 per lot
USDJPY$1.00 per lot
Ultra Low 2AUDUSD$2.00 per lot
EURJPY$2.00 per lot
USDCHF$2.00 per lot
Ultra Low 3AUDCAD$2.50 per lot
AUDCHF$2.50 per lot
AUDJPY$2.50 per lot
AUDNZD$2.50 per lot
EURAUD$2.50 per lot
EURCAD$2.50 per lot
EURGBP$2.50 per lot
GBPJPY$2.50 per lot
NZDUSD$2.50 per lot
USDCAD$2.50 per lot
USDHKD$2.50 per lot
Ultra Low 4USDCHF$3.00 per lot
CADJPY$3.00 per lot
CHFJPY$3.00 per lot
EURNZD$3.00 per lot
XAUUSD/GOLD$1.75 per lot
NZDCAD$3.00 per lot
USDJPY$3.00 per lot
XAUEUR$3.00 per lot
Ultra Low 5EURCHF$4.00 per lot
EURDKK$4.00 per lot
EURHKD$4.00 per lot
GBPAUD$4.00 per lot
GBPCAD$4.00 per lot
GBPCHF$4.00 per lot
NZDCHF$4.00 per lot
Ultra Low 6CHFSGD$12.75 per lot
EURHUF$12.75 per lot
EURNOK$12.75 per lot
EURPLN$12.75 per lot
EURSEK$12.75 per lot
EURSGD$12.75 per lot
EURTRY$12.75 per lot
EURZAR$12.75 per lot
GBPDKK$12.75 per lot
GBPNOK$12.75 per lot
GBPNZD$12.75 per lot
GBPSEK$12.75 per lot
GBPSGD$12.75 per lot
SGDJPY$12.75 per lot
XAGUSD/Silver$12.75 per lot
USDCNH$12.75 per lot
USDDKK$12.75 per lot
USDHUF$12.75 per lot
USDMXN$12.75 per lot
USDNOK$12.75 per lot
USDPLN$12.75 per lot
USDSEK$12.75 per lot
USDSGD$12.75 per lot
USDTRY$12.75 per lot
USDZAR$12.75 per lot

In addition to the forex cashback rebates listed above, traders whose XM trading accounts are opened through our partner link enjoy 50% of the commission we earn from the forex broker whenever Cryptocurrency and other CFD trades are opened.

For instance, when you trade SNXUSD, XM makes money through spreads and/or commissions. They then pay OpWell Forex a percentage of whatever amount they have earned. Assuming the forex broker pays us $65.00 per lot traded, we will pay you $32.5 per lot, which is 50% of the amount we earned.

Why Is Opwell Forex the Best XM Global Cashback Rebates Provider?

OpWell Forex pays over $ 21 per lot traded. No other cashback rebate provider does that. Our main mission is to return to you, the trader, part of the trading fees you pay on each trade to help you boost your forex trading profits.

Check the table below to see how we have dominated over other popular XM Cashback Rebates providers.

Account TypeOpWell ForexCashback ForexSasharesPremium TradingGlobe GainPayback FXRebate King FXPipsback FX
Ultra Low AccountUpto $12.75 per lotUpto $7.50 per lotUpto $5.5 per lotUp to $12 per lotUp to $10.5 per lotUp to $11.25 per lotUp to $9.30 per lotUp to $12 per lot
Standard AccountUpto $21.25 per lotUpto $5.5 per lotUpto $5.5 per lotUp to $9 per lotUp to $7.5 per lotUp to $18.75 per lotUp to $9.30 per lotUp to $20 per lot

FAQs About XM Global Cashback Rebates in Partnership With Opwell Forex

What is XM Global Cashback Rebates?

XM Global Auto Cashback Rebates is a rewards program XM group has designed in partnership with OpWell Forex to pay traders a percentage of the amount the forex broker earns based on the volume of trades placed by the traders.

How Does the Partnership Between XM Global and Opwell Forex (Introducing Broker) Works?

OpWell Forex (Introducing Broker) signs an agreement with XM Group to look for serious traders. When the traders open live accounts with XM through OpWell Forex’s partner link, and they trade on the forex broker’s platform, XM pays OpWell Forex based on trade volumes placed. We then pay the traders part of the money we earn.

Will XM Global Increase Spread on My Trades if I Sign Up Through Opwell Forex’s Introducing Broker (IB) Link?

No, spreads and/or commissions charged on your trading account will not increase simply because you opened a real trading account using our IB link. Instead, you will reduce your trading costs (spreads and commissions charged) and increase your profits.

How Will I Reduce My Trading Cost if I Join XM Global Cashback Rebates Program?

Forex brokers charge spreads and commissions as trading fees. That is how they make money. If you trade directly with a forex broker without linking your account with an Introducing Broker like OpWell Forex, the broker keeps all the money they charge on your trading activities.

However, if you link your trading account with an Introducing Broker (rebates provider), the forex broker (XM) you have an account with shares part of the money they earn from your trading activities with the rebates provider.

The cashback rebates provider then shares with you (the trader) the amount of money paid by the forex broker.

In simple terms, a cashback rebates provider (OpWell Forex) acts as an intermediary between a forex broker (XM Global) and a trader to return to the trader part of the spread fees the forex broker charges.

Example 1

A forex trader opens a live trading account directly with XM Global. The forex broker charges spread fees on his trades as follows;

$0.25 per 0.01 lot size traded
$2.5 per 0 1 lot size traded
$25 per 1 lot size traded

XM (forex broker) keeps all the money to themselves. Here is a snapshot of how much they earn according to different trade volumes:

– When the trader opens a trade using 0.01 lot size, the forex broker keeps $0.25 to themselves.

– When he trades 0.1 lot size, the broker keeps $2.5.

– In case the trader places a trade using 1 lot size, XM keeps $25 to themselves.

Verdict: The forex trader loses while the broker wins.

Example 2

You open an XM real account using a cashback rebates activated link provided by OpWell Forex. When you start trading, XM charges normal spread fees as follows:

$0.25 per 0.01 lot size traded
$2.5 per 0 1 lot size traded
$25 per 1 lot size traded

XM Global does not keep all the money they earn to themselves. Instead, they pay us a percentage and then we pay you (the trader) a commission from the money we take from XM.

The sample payment plan below explains how cashback rebates help in reducing your trading cost:

– When you open a trade using 0.01 lot size, XM pays OpWell Forex $0.15 for Introducing you to the broker. We keep $0.05 and deposit the remaining $0.10 automatically into your ‘My Wallet’ account on the XM dashboard.

– When you trade 0.1 lot size, we receive $1.5 from the forex broker. We keep $0.5 and then give you the remaining $1.

– In case you place a trade using 1 lot size, XM Global gives us $15. We keep $5 only and pay you a whopping $10.

Verdict: The forex broker wins, you win, we win.

That said, why would you open a live account directly with XM Global when you now know how you can get back some of the money the forex broker charges on the trades you place?

Why would you keep complaining about higher spread fees when you now understand a smarter way of reducing your trading cost?

Why would you trade with a forex broker that keeps all the spread fees and commissions to themselves when the XM Global Cashback Rebates Program is here to help you get back part of the fees charged on your trades?

If you are tired of paying higher spread fees, or if you are tired of searching for a better forex broker who charges lower spreads, then we recommend that you open a new XM real account through OpWell Forex’s partner link. We give you our word that you will get back part of the spread fees charged on the trades you open.

How Much Cashback Rebates Can I Earn With XM Global?

You can earn an unlimited amount of money with XM Global Cashback Rebates Program. There is no limit or restrictions on how much you can make with the rebates program.

To help you understand our cashback rebates rates easily, we have included a detailed report in the table above to explain the amount of money you can earn per currency pair, CFDs, and Cryptocurrencies. Refer to the table before you continue reading.

How Do I Boost the Profits I Make From XM Cashback Rebates Program?

To increase the amount of money you earn, Open either the Standard Account or Shares Account. Additionally, when you place more trades, the rate of cashback rebates you earn increases courtesy of the partnership between XM Global and OpWell Forex.

How Do I Receive My Cashback Rebates Payment on XM Global?

XM Global Cashback Rebates Real Time Report

Your Cashback Rebates are automatically deposited into your ‘My Wallet’ account on the XM dashboard twice every week. You can withdraw money from the wallet anytime into your bank account or transfer the sum into your XM trading account.

The good news is that you will have access to real-time reports on how much you have made so far daily.

What Is the Minimum Withdrawal of Cashback Rebates on XM Dashboard?

XM Global Cashback Rebates Payment Proof

Any amount of auto rebates commission can be deposited into your ‘My Wallet’ account. However, the minimum withdrawal into your bank account is $5 only. This is unlike other cashback rebate providers (competitors) who restrict minimum withdrawals to $50, $100, $200, etc.

Is There a Minimum Trading Volume Required to Earn Cashback Rebates on XM Global?

Yes, the minimum trading volume required by the forex broker depends on the type of trading account you open. See more details below:

– Ultra Low Account = 0.1 lot size
Contract size: 1 lot = 1000

– XM Standard Account = 0.01 lot size
Contract size: 1 lot = 100,000

– XM Shares Account = 1 lot size

What Are the Restrictions or Conditions on the Types of Trades That Qualify for Cashback on XM?

1. Traders who participate in the XM Global Cashback Rebates Program must not perform hedging and latency arbitrage in their trading activities.

2. Each trade opened on a trading account participating in XM Cashback Rebates must last for at least 5 minutes.

3. A trade should only be closed after gaining more than 1 pips or after losing more than 1 pips.

4. If you use the XM Multiterminal platform to place trades on multiple accounts simultaneously, ensure all the trading accounts belong to you, not a third party. In case you want to connect someone else’s account with your account on the forex broker’s Multiterminal platform, contact XM Global before connecting the accounts and ask them to give you the go-ahead.

5. It would also be great if you remembered that depositing trading capital or withdrawing money from your XM trading account using a credit card or a debit card that does not belong to you is a serious offence.

If you don’t want XM Global to cancel your transactions, and/or block your access to your trading account permanently, ensure you are the legitimate owner of the credit card or debit card you use in carrying out transactions on the XM dashboard. This is important because it helps the broker in fighting and preventing fraudulent transactions.

Who Is the Best Forex Cashback Rebates Provider in the Whole World?

OpWell Forex in partnership with XM Global is the best cashback rebates provider globally because non of our competitors pay traders more cashback amount than we do.

We pay traders as high as $ 21.25 per lot size traded on forex currencies and $32.5 per lot on CFDs and Cryptocurrency trades. Show us any cashback rebates provider who pays more than we do and we will adjust our rates further to give you a much better deal than them.

The best part is that the spreads or trading fees charged on your trades will never increase just because we adjust our cashback rebates rates. What happens is that we reduce our profit share and increase yours.

How Do I Sign Up for XM Global Cashback Rebates Program?

You need to use an Introducing Broker’s partner link to sign up for XM Cashback Rebates. There are two different procedures for new clients and for traders who have existing trading accounts with XM Group.

For new clients, follow our link to go to XM real account registration page and open a new trading account with the forex broker. Cashback Rebates will be activated automatically on your XM Global account.

If you have an existing XM live account, click our partner link to go to the XM login page. Once you are logged in, create a new trading account within your dashboard. Cashback Rebates will be activated only on the new trading account you opened through OpWell Forex’s link.

To avoid trading on an account that will not generate any cashback, you can delete all other live trading accounts which you did not register using our partner link.


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