DJ Coach Tsekeleke net worth, he is sitted on top of his Mercedes Benz G-Class AMG G63 car

What Is DJ Coach Tsekeleke Net Worth? R40 Million?

DJ Coach Tsekeleke net worth is debatable and controversial, therefore nobody knows how much he is worth at the moment. Some websites post that the trader’s net worth is R40 million. Where did they get that information? They pulled the information from a YouTube video where Tsekeleke claimed that he was having R40 million in his First National Bank (FNB) account. Well, that is not true due to the following reasons…

Reasons Why DJ Coach Is Not Worth R40 Million

  1. DJ Coach has not shared nor is he willing to disclose the value of his total assets and liabilities to the media and the public.

On a Facebook post dated 25th March 2023, Coach said and I quote, “Normalise lying to people who ask a lot about your personal life.”

DJ Coach Tsekeleke post on Facebook

That said, how true are the claims that the South African forex trader and entrepreneur is worth R40,000,000 (R40 million)?

According to an article by Forbes, a person’s net worth is measured or calculated by subtracting total liabilities from the total assets owned by him/her.

To calculate how much DJ Coach Tsekeleke is worth, we need to know the value of his total assets (cars, houses, businesses, bank account balance, etc) as well as his outstanding debt (liability).

Unfortunately, that information is not going to be revealed to the public anytime soon because Tsekeleke is not willing to share his personal or financial details with anybody.

  1. Most of DJ Coach’s fans argue that his net worth is much higher than what has been published on some websites.

According to several forex trading websites in South Africa, Coach has a net worth of R40 million, but his fans say the amount is inaccurate because of the alleged luxurious life the forex trader lives.

However, a section of Tsekeleke’s followers identifies him as a forex scammer because they believe he is faking life on social media. Read some of the comments by netizens about DJ Coach net worth…

DJ Coach Tsekeleke hater on Facebook

“You’re trying too much to prove that you are rich.” Said Kgomotso Martin on Facebook.

“These guys rent car and mansions, marketing the brokers salary is coming in simple. let us not compare our selves with these people guys. they get money from the brokers. so please we need to leave these people alone its non of our business guys. they live soft life, the statistic says the are 10% of real traders in the world, 90% of the traders loose money from the markets simple.” Manav Khanna commented on a YouTube video.

“It is so freaking sad how these so called gurus only start showing off assets is when they get their subscribers, then & only then do they start showing off all that money. I hope they start to realize the harm they cause with everyday normal people such as myself & others. They never show open trades & when they do it will most likely be a damn demo account. All bs aside this should be a crime.”
@avalon9386 added on the same YouTube video.


DJ Coach Tsekeleke net worth may be much higher than what the public knows. It would be nice if you remembered that apart from being a successful forex trader, Coach owns shares at FBK Markets. As a matter of fact, he is the CEO of the forex broker.

Additionally, the 1-minute strategy founder drives some of the most expensive cars in South Africa. His fleet of cars includes the Mercedes Benz AMG c63, Mercedes Benz S8, Audi A6, and 2019 Mercedes Benz G-Class AMG G63.

However, we are yet to find out why DJ Coach Tsekeleke is reluctant to declare his total assets publicly.


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