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Who Is DJ Coach Tsekeleke, Most Successful Forex Trader in South Africa? Why Is He So Popular?

DJ Coach Tsekeleke (1 minute trader) is a fundamental news trader in South Africa. The forex trader who often refers to himself as Forex Broker Killer or FBK started gaining popularity in the year 2017 when he discovered the one minute forex trading strategy.

Coach’s heart of donating thousands of South African Rand to his social media followers has not only kept him in the spotlight but also fuelled his journey to fame.

On 17th August 2019, FBK was given an opportunity by Moja Love TV to air the “FBK Millionaires” reality show. However, the show received mixed reactions across South Africa and was later cancelled after airing four episodes only.

According to an employee of Moja Love TV who sorts anonymity, the reality show was cancelled due to pressure from many South Africans who took to social media to expose DJ Coach’s “lies”.

However, Lindiwe Mbonambi who is Moja Love TV’s head of marketing and public relations, told Tshishalive that the reality TV show was cancelled due to technical problems.

Wait a minute! Does it make sense for a reality TV show airing on national television to be cancelled after four episodes only?

Going by Lindiwe Mbonambi’s sentiments, the program organisers did not lay down proper plans for counter-attacking any challenges which could hinder the airing of the FBK Millionaires show.

But who is DJ Coach Tsekeleke and why is he so popular, especially amongst South African social media users?

We wrote in one of the previous articles that Tsekeleke is from Motodi village in Limpopo Province.

Here are some of the reasons why Forex Broker Killer is so popular:

  1. He designed one of the best and most popular forex trading strategies known as the 1 minute strategy.

Ever since DJ Coach Tsekeleke started going live on his Facebook page when trading NFP, CPI, or FOMC news using the one minute scalping strategy, he has been receiving a lot of social media followers.

DJ Coach Tsekeleke Facebook Page

When you read comments on his social pages, you realize that most of his followers are interested in learning how to trade the 1 minute strategy.

  1. He is controversial

FBK’s controversial statements over traditional education system has sparked mixed reactions amongst social media users. He has more than once claimed that university and college degrees are a scam.

The first man who said school is useless and indeed was correct, if you disagree come be my employee with that degree.

DJ Coach Tsekeleke

“At least degreed people help you guys come out with those softwares you now use for trading” Replied Maxwell Muriro

“Don’t let DJ coach fool you, go study and complete that diploma or degree” Said Sihle Mthimkhulu

“In 5 year’s to come, many of you will be regretting themselves for choosing Forex over Education…. Guys put more effort on your studies and complete that Diploma/Degree of yours.

Then you can focus on Forex after graduating…” Added Remi P Mogano

DJ Coach Tsekeleke’s prolonged disagreement with the public concerning the validity of University education has seen him trend on social media as people flock on his pages to give their views concerning the subject.

  1. DJ Coach Tsekeleke is rich

It is no secret that Tsekeleke drives the latest cars and lives in a luxurious house. He claimed in one of his YouTube videos that he had R40,000,000 (R40 million) in his First National Bank (FNB) account.

Everyone tends to associate themselves with rich people, perhaps to learn from their success and big dreams.


While DJ Coach Tsekeleke is one of the best and most successful forex trader in South Africa, no one knows how much he is worth because he has kept the details about his net worth to himself.

Based on the little personal details he has revealed to the public, can we conclude that Forex Broker Killer is the richest forex trader in South Africa? What do you think?


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