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Write for Us: How to Submit Guest Post to OpWell Forex Blog

Last updated on January 28th, 2023 at 02:04 pm

If you would like to write for us, you must read and follow our quality guidelines for your guest post article to reach a targeted audience. This article provides a detailed guide on becoming a contributor at OpWell Forex blog and getting your posts approved.

List of 10 Types of Articles We Are Looking For

We will publish any article listed below, provided it is about any of the three categories we accept.

  • How-to articles

Describe the steps a reader should take to achieve what you are writing about. Your featured image should show your final product.

  • Trend/Case Study

If you have done your research and would like to write about an increasing or decreasing movement, make sure your trend is a real trend. We will not publish any false information that you cannot verify. If need be, check public records for more information to establish the authenticity of your article.

  • Resource Lists

Talk about assets or materials you can use to achieve the topic of interest. For example:

7 Websites You Can Use to Start Learning How to Make Money in Forex

  • Tips lists or Listicle articles

This type of article highlights a list of items without giving an in-depth description. For example:

List of Forex Trading Blogs in Kenya



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  • Product or Service Review

Provide feedback about a product’s or service’s strengths and weaknesses. This article helps readers get upfront information before buying, subscribing, or engaging with any product or service.

  • Product/Service Comparison

This type of article compares products or services used to achieve the same purpose.

  • Myth busting articles

Myth-bursting articles explain why common knowledge about a topic of interest is wrong and provide the correct information to educate readers.

  • Personality profile

Do you interview people who have achieved significant success in Forex trading, stock trading, or financial management? Write a guest post about their achievements, early beginnings, character/personality, strengths, weaknesses, and other relevant information.

  • Lifestyle articles

This type of article can sometimes be categorized as a personality profile. For example, if you interview the best stock trader in Kenya and submit a guest post about the interview, the article can fit both personality profile and lifestyle categories.

Lifestyle articles can also provide specific information about a neighbourhood or a town. For example:

“How to Save Money When Shopping in Nairobi,” “The Best Place to Shop and Save Money in Kisumu.”

  • Questions and answers

The content for this type of article is obtained by asking an interviewee questions and writing the questions and answers down without editing. You don’t craft your own stories around the responses you receive. In short, this type of article is comprised of more than one speaker.

When writing, you must begin your article with one introductory paragraph.

How to Write for Us a Guest Post in 3 Steps

STEP 1: Select an Article Category That Opwell Forex Accepts

OpWell Forex is a niche website. We strictly accept posts about forex trading.

You can write helpful tips about Forex trading.

  • Forex Brokers Reviews

Evaluate Forex Broker Companies and provide unbiased information to help traders decide.

  • How To in Forex Trading

Write detailed instructions to guide forex traders on how to do what you are writing about.

  • Forex Trading Tools and Resources/Communities

Forex Trading Tools are software equipment available to traders to help them conduct their trading activities seamlessly. Such tools include trading terminals, trading calculators, and many other tools.

Forex Resources are learning materials that traders can access to help them learn to improve their trading skills. The resources/communities include,, YouTube Forex Trading channels, Forex eBooks/PDFs, social media Forex groups and pages, etc.

We expect Listicle articles only in this subcategory. For example:

“12 Kenyan Forex Trading LinkedIn Groups That Are a Must Join”

  • Forex Trading eBooks/PDFs Reviews

Write your opinion regarding Forex eBooks or PDFs you have read to help readers decide whether or not a book is worth reading.

In this subcategory, you can write for us quality articles that will help our readers identify and evaluate Forex trading risks to help them monitor, control, and minimize the probability of incurring huge losses.

We aim to provide readers with helpful information to help them maximize profit while reducing losses.

Forex psychology articles help traders learn how to control and maintain their emotions when trading.

You can write for us about a new Forex trading technique you have tried and confirmed to be profitable. Attach screenshots that illustrate every step of implementation.

  • Forex Trading Indicators

Write an informative article about a forex indicator of your choice to provide readers with an insight into whether or not a technical indicator is worth trying out.

  • Forex Fundamentals and Economic Concepts Today

You can write about economic, political, and social factors that impact the value of a currency. We publish informative forex fundamental news that helps our readers make informed trading decisions.

You can write for us a detailed post on how Forex tools and resources work and how they impacted your trading life after using them. Examples of articles in this subcategory include reviews, how-tos, etc.

If you want to write a guest post about Forex chart setups, keep in mind that we only accept articles about swing and position trades. That is because articles about short-time frame trades are short-lived. We strive to publish articles that can stand the test of time.

In this subcategory, you can write for us a well-detailed article explaining how a person or a business achieved something, specifically using something you have used before.

  • The Trend in Forex Trading

These are not news articles about “the talk of the town.” But they are articles that showcase a decreasing or increasing movement over time—for example, the number of people Trading Forex over the past two years.

STEP 2: Write a Good Content

Write for us a good article

Good content is a human-written, original, informative, and error-free article that answers readers’ questions. Always have the audience in mind when writing a guest post. Otherwise, we will not approve your post if it is not interesting and engaging.

In addition, your article must provide unique content that is not covered in one of our previous posts. If the topic you want to write about has already been covered, you can dig deeper and provide new insight into what you feel was not well covered.

Here is a list of what to consider when writing an article for OpWell Forex:

Article Title

  • Before you come up with a title, make sure the article body will deliver precisely what you want to promise in the title.
  • The first letters of each significant word must be capitalized.
  • Include your focus keyword in the title.
  • Please provide specific information concerning each word in the topic. For example,

If your title is “OpWell Forex Traders-Joining Them in 7 Steps,” the article must contain detailed information concerning four topics;

  1. OpWell Forex—the community of traders
  2. Traders
  3. Joining OpWell Forex
  4. The timeframe of 7 days

Meta Description

Your meta description should not be more than 160 characters. Also, ensure you include your focus keyword in the meta description.

Article Body

  • Write for us to inform and to educate. Do not attempt to promote yourself or your services in the article body. You can include such content in the footnotes.
  • Include all the information promised in the article title. Do not send readers to another external or internal source to acquire the information you promised in the title.
  • Do not bold the keywords.
  • Ensure you use only one keyword in every 100 words to avoid keyword stuffing.
  • The article must contain at least one focus keyword and a maximum of twenty-five focus keywords. Ensure you provide sufficient information about each focus keyword.
  • No links should appear within the first 1 to 3 paragraphs, and you can add a maximum of 4 links only: 2 internal links and two external links.
  • Links in the article are meant for adding flavor to the article, not for self-promotion. That said, we reserve the right to award or deny any links a do follow attribute.
  • All the pages you link to must be active and have informative articles. Note that we continuously monitor your articles to ensure all the pages work according to our expectations. You must not overlook this if you want to write for us.
  • If you have a digital product that you want readers to download, you may request a contact form to be added to your article so that we can forward you the file’s download request.
  • Do not include a call to action before providing valuable information to the reader.
  • Your article word count must be between 1200-5000 words.
  • Attach a featured image and other images to be included in the post’s body. All images must be high quality and copyright free.
  • If you have a YouTube video that you want to be embedded in the post, let us know. Explain where you want the video to appear.


Footnotes is where you can promote your services, products, website, or business when you write for us. But avoid attaching email addresses and phone numbers. In addition to that, make sure the footnote content is relevant to the content of the article body.

We expect you to add your author name for transparent ownership because we need to create an author page for you when you submit your first article on our website.

The information on your footnotes must not exceed 200 words.

STEP 3: Submit Your Guest post article

After reading and agreeing with the article writing quality guidelines above, you can submit your article on our guest post submission page. We will go through it within 24 hours and send you one of the following emails:

  • Approved

If your article meets our quality guidelines, we will approve it immediately and send you your post link.

  • Requires editing

This email will let you know if the article meets our expectations but requires minor changes.

  • Rejected

You will receive this email if we establish that your article is of poor quality. We strive to publish every writer’s work. Therefore, this would be the last email we’d want to send to any writer. If you received this email and believe you have done your best, you can request us to help you fine-tune the article so we can accept it.

FAQs on How to Write for Us

Does OpWell Forex pay?

We only provide informative information to readers. We do not pay or ask our readers to pay us any amount unless they want to advertise on our platform.

How soon should I expect feedback on my guest post pitch on OpWell Forex?

If you write for us, we will review your article and get back to you within 24 hours during weekdays.

What is the typical length of a guest post article?

Your guest post article length should be between 600 and 2,500 words.

What articles doesn’t OpWell Forex accept as guest posts?

We do not accept any articles that do not focus on Forex Trading.

A guest post about prohibited content such as Forex signals, fund/account management, and endorsement of scam broker services will be rejected without providing further explanation.

Any article with copyrighted content, including images, will not be accepted.

Any software-generated articles will be rejected, and the author will be banned from submitting any posts in the future.

How will my article be promoted?

We optimize all articles for both on-page and off-page SEO to ensure your article appears on the first page of Google search. In addition to that, we promote all published articles on our social media pages to reach out to more audiences.

We encourage you to promote your articles via all channels at your disposal. DO NOT BE SPAMMY!


Now that you know how to write for us, we challenge you to write a quality article and submit it for review. Make sure you follow our quality guidelines to ensure your article is accepted. If you need help, you can reach out through our contact us page, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, or Pinterest.


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