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Frequently Asked Questions by Kenyans

Is Forex Trading in Kenya Legal?

Forex trading is legal in Kenya and is regulated by The Capital Markets Authority(CMA). The agency was established in 1989 to protect Kenyan investors from fraudulent financial activities.

The first Forex broker licensed in Kenya by the Capital Markets Authority was EGM Securities Ltd, trading under the name FXPesa.

Over the years, the number of brokers licensed by the regulatory agency has increased significantly—an indication of a rise in the number of traders in the country.

Is Stock Trading in Kenya Legal?

Just like the Forex market, the stock market is also regulated by the Capital Markets Authority in Kenya. That means no stock broker can provide financial services without being issued a valid license from the government agency.

The stock exchange began in Nairobi in 1922, long before Kenya attained its independence. During those early days, no government regulatory body was overseeing financial conduct.

Right now, Kenyan traders can trade confidently, understanding that the government protects their money.

To make the process easy, we provide you with the best trading tips so you can avoid scammers and become a better trader.

Which Is the Best Personal Finance Blog in Kenya?

OpWell Forex is the best finance blog in Kenya. We provide the best financial tips to help our readers find financial freedom. Everybody needs valuable financial insights to help them earn more and save more.

Our finance topics include tips on spending wisely, money mindset, earning money, saving and investing money tools, and money basics.

Is It Safe to Trade Forex and Stocks?

Trading stocks and the forex market is risky. You can lose all your investments if you don’t know what you are doing. Please, ensure you are well trained before you invest your money in the business. Additionally, you can trade under the watch of an experienced trader.


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